Hot Pepper Gaming

Who has eaten the hottest peppers? from Anonymous

Andrew W.K.

He ate the hottest pepper. He partied the hardest.

Runners up at 1+ million scovilles are Erin, Jared, Vernon, and of course Egoraptor. May they rest in peace.

Does the main crew find that they enjoy spicier foods now? That they have a tolerance building up? Or are they scared of all peppers even MORE? from tyndlesthegreat

We can do regular spicy foods fine now, and I actually prefer things to be a little spicy since starting. Get too hot, however, and we still melt down.

Hey, super curious~ Would you guys ever do a video special on making the staff take the places of hot pepper consumption and reviews? Or do you have other ideas in mind when it comes to celebration/commemoration videos? from finnysfake

We do special videos every now and then and have actually been looking into doing a bit of vlogging or branching into straight LPs. The talks usually last all of ten minutes before we drink too many beers and watch Cosmos reruns, but it’s something we’re always thinking about as HPG continues to grow. A lot of our guests/friends have been really supportive of the latter idea, so we’ll see what happens!

Just a really random question, but the Stephen Frost vid was especially awesome (especially since I'm super excited for Wildstar!). Was wondering where you got the laugh sound for the Ass Reaper sauce? from Anonymous

You’d have to ask Adam, our editor. Though since you asked me instead, it certainly sounds a bit like the Poe giggle from Ocarina of Time.

Might just be me, though.